C/Ctra. de Boadilla del Monte 2 local 19
28220 Majadahonda (Madrid · Spain)
Email: procat@wwiprocat.com
Qué se puede y no se puede proteger con la Protección Catódica
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WWI PROCAT, S.L.WWI PROCAT, S.L. is a Spanish engineering company specialized in cathodic protection founded in July 1993, based on the resources of what until then was the Industrial Division of another company and group of companies, dedicated to cathodic protection in the naval and industrial fields, and forming part of the same group of companies through a subsidiary of the group.

At WWI PROCAT cathodic protection engineering, we are dedicated to the design, projects, supplies of equipment, materials and measuring instruments, installations and maintenance for the control of cathodic protection systems. The systems we use are both sacrificial anodes and impressed current. We also carry out corrosion studies and detection of coating defects in buried pipes with the DCVG system.

WWI PROCAT, S.L. cathodic protection engineering, has civil and professional liability insurance (which also covers design).

WWI PROCAT, S.L. Cathodic protection engineering has the most modern technologies in cathodic protection and its control and personnel with more than 30 years of experience. All our resources are aimed mainly at cathodic protection, although we also have some solutions for corrosion in very special cases as a complement to cathodic protection.

Presencia en el mercado tanto en España como en el extranjeroSince 1993 WWI PROCAT, S.L. has grown constantly carrying out work both in Spain and abroad (Argentina, Bahamas, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Panama, Morocco, Portugal, Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Italy, Angola, Qatar, Arab Emirates, Egypt, Latvia, Australia, Gabon, USA etc.).

In May 2003, WWI PROCAT, S.L. cathodic protection engineering, it was decided to take a step further and became a completely independent company from the aforementioned group of companies.
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